Beyond Belief

17 April 2022
Those that know what they believe in, understand how they must act to achieve it.

Those who don’t believe in it, don’t understand why they should act to achieve it.

Every so often I have to tell myself to “stop looking for excuses for why I don’t have what I want”. The facts are that it is much easier to make excuses for why it does not work. Surely it can’t be my fault? I tried all this positivity stuff and it just doesn’t work. I made a number of new year’s resolutions and it’s made no difference, it has not changed a damn thing.  The facts are that successful people create the right beliefs. Great leaders understand that creating belief in their company’s purpose, will create the right behaviours in their teams to achieve it. 

So why would you not want to do the same for yourself?

The trouble is creating the right beliefs is harder than making excuses, it is far easier to say I didn’t achieve because of this, that and who. To change or establish a new belief requires you to really want that new belief. You have to train your mind to believe in it, you have to take actions to create the belief. You have to also be prepared to break through the fear barrier that will always present itself. That fear barrier is the one that says you can’t do that. It is the one that says go back to what you are more comfortable with, just go back and make an excuse.

You see, when we make excuses, it justifies why to yourself but also it confirms and justifies to others why they have or cannot achieve as well. It is “Beyond Belief” that we seem to find it easier to hear about excuses as to why we don’t have what we want than it is to hear about what we are actually going to do to achieve what we want. 

I say break the cycle, stop fueling the why not, and stop making excuses. Stop being the reason that others can doubt that they can’t achieve what they want as well. Start accepting accountability for what you believe in and for the actions you have taken to achieve it. Stop making wishy-washy new year’s resolutions and start setting specific goals and objectives but most importantly start taking action. If that action does not achieve what you want then be prepared to break through your fear line and then make a new plan to achieve it. 

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