My Purpose brings to you regular insights into what we observe in the world around us and how you can better engage in it to achieve your purpose.
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Featured image for “About Us – Video”

About Us – Video

2 min watch – Listen to our founder Brett Ashley explain more about how My Purpose can help you.…

12 October 2021

Featured image for “Unlocking Potential with My Purpose: A New Era in Goal Setting”

Unlocking Potential with My Purpose: A New Era in Goal Setting

In a rapidly evolving world, our methods of setting and pursuing goals must adapt. At the forefront of this shift…

23 September 2023

Featured image for “The Click – Brett Ashley Keynote”

The Click – Brett Ashley Keynote

“How to create more self confidence, reliance and buoyancy in your life” – by Brett Ashley As presented to The…

24 November 2022

Featured image for “Business leader becomes storyteller”

Business leader becomes storyteller

Brett Ashley wants to show people they can change their life by controlling their mindset and becoming a more optimistic…

17 October 2022

Featured image for “Maori TV interview”

Maori TV interview

Watch Brett Ashley talking with Neil Waka from Maori television.…

15 September 2022

Featured image for “Beyond Belief”

Beyond Belief

Those that know what they believe in, understand how they must act to achieve it.…

17 April 2022

Featured image for “Why don’t we put ourselves first?”

Why don’t we put ourselves first?

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that putting ourselves first is selfish, self centred, rude, arrogant and definitely…

4 April 2022

Featured image for “Supermarket Competition – Who are the Winners?”

Supermarket Competition – Who are the Winners?

I was really disappointed with the recent Commerce Commission report on supermarket competition, as released 8 March 2022. But as…

11 March 2022

Featured image for “Celebrate with cake everyday”

Celebrate with cake everyday

Leaders need to find a way to let their team know that you are working every day to recognise and…

4 March 2022

Featured image for “What is happening to our youth?”

What is happening to our youth?

We need to do more to address mental health. We should be looking for more ways to reduce the need…

18 February 2022

Featured image for “Do you know the culture you want?”

Do you know the culture you want?

A lot of leaders talk about the need to create the right culture, but I have found that most people…

18 February 2022

Featured image for “Effective Business Communication”

Effective Business Communication

Find ways to make leaders more visible and engaged.…

17 September 2021

Featured image for “Leadership: How to Create Volunteers”

Leadership: How to Create Volunteers

If you want to create a successful high performance team environment then one of the best tools you can look…

15 September 2021

Featured image for “The Power of the Mind”

The Power of the Mind

This concentration on inner attitudes is essential, as a person’s outer success can never rise above the one visualised internally.…

15 September 2021

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