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My Purpose’s tested models are designed to help you unlock the best from life.

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Meet Brett Ashley, Founder

Founder Brett Ashley planted the seed of My Purpose during his four decades as a successful executive in the FMCG sector in New Zealand and Australia.

During this time, he developed and deployed a ground-breaking leadership model that engaged and empowered teams and embedded a passionate, high-performance business culture. Core to that model was a personal planning and goal-setting programme for senior leaders. He saw how transformative these programmes were for participants, increasing engagement, resilience and buoyancy in their personal and business environments.

My Purpose Limited was incorporated on 2 June 2021 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer

Jack Canfield is a famous international author best known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books and The Success Principles.

We coach Jack’s success methodology throughout the workshops adding incredible value and credibility.


Proven models, exceptional outcomes

With the right guidance, anyone can uncover their purpose in life, the key to unlocking their true potential. That’s what My Purpose has delivered since 2021.

You’ll have the guidance to decide who you want to be and what you want out of life, with simple tools and models to help you achieve it.


My Purpose House

Your My Purpose House encapsulates your purpose and life plan on a single page – simplicity that allows you to live by your goals, values and purpose.


Culture Grinder

This model helps you understand the connection between the actions you take, the beliefs you instill in yourself and others and, ultimately, the culture you create.


Happiness Gap

The “Happiness Gap” model demonstrates how the Law of Attraction works. 

This workshop is a six-step process that helps business leaders create environments where teams can work at their best. This proven methodology will help you produce a culture that delivers your business purpose.


“The tools and frameworks that Brett created have enabled dozens of leaders to believe in themselves and advance their careers to more senior roles. I’ve seen leaders who have attended Brett’s goal-setting and personal planning workshops go on to achieve many great things. Brett’s workshops will enable you to set some very clear and achievable goals for yourself and others.”

– Michelle Dormer, Head of Culture and People at Woolworths NZ